Porters Lake Land Parcel



I was told “The property has two access points via O’Connell Drive & Sandy Lane…”


Any more news on this? I am in the area and would be interested in at least having a look at it. Is this private land at this point in time and would I need permission to even have a look at it?



From what I understand it’s not private, it’s owned by HRM.


Thanks, I might make it in this week. to have a look.


Let us know what it looks like, @Snider.

I didn’t see anyone step up so didn’t dig any deeper. Councilor Hendsbee seemed serious enough to offer a small pot of money for the project.

However, I would say for Mountain Bike Halifax to take any action we would need sufficient body of volunteers and it would need to be developed to a standard of course.


Pot of money for the project? Then I can see it now. Green trails, crusher dust, ahhh the beauty.




My apologies. I live near there and did say I would Take a look at it. Not long after, I developed some knee trouble and couldn’t walk very far and I just had a death in my family.

Perhaps this weekend. I know nothing about building MTB trails but I suspect that a lot of marsh/wet land or steepness is not desirable. Just how much land would be needed to develop a trail?


No worries @digger.

From what I recall looking at the map it is a pretty small parcel.


Steep good wet bad


@TrainingWheels, @digger… on the topic of Porters Lake…

Anyone see if this parcel has any interesting ground?


I actually live very close to that area… actually walk my dogs down those roads. I know the housing area is all built on rock but not sure at this point if its swamp past that.

I will take my dogs sometime soon and go deeper into that land.

Last shift tonight then I’m off for a few days so hopefully I’ll check it out then.


That would be great, @TrainingWheels. Take some pictures if you can.


I was walking the dogs and the baby in the pack but got too cold for the baby to go deeper into the woods I’ll try soon though