Post your bike


I haven’t seen a post your bike thread in a while. Post a picture of your bike.

Here is mine, 2011 Canfield Bros Yelli Screamy XL

New Bike Time

Can we change this to a post your wood pile thread? Sweet.


Post your bike beside wood thread!


How about beside a tree, does that count? 2013 Ghost AMR 2955.


We’ll save the “post your wood” thread for 4chan.


2012.5 Giant Reign, next to 5" round pressure treated hitching post:


[quote=“JeffV, post:3, topic:2557, full:true”]
Post your bike beside wood thread!
[/quote] got a laugh out of that…Here’s what I’ve been riding lately. 1996 Rocky Mountain Hammer. What it lacks in wow factor I made up for with my full length wood.


Does this forum have a plugin for a like button, cause i wood have used it on about half of these comments :smile:


There’s a tiny heart icon below each post, that’s the like button.


Hit the heart button, @bignose.


well lookie there! WIN.

Forum Features (as we discover them)

Will have to go some fresh photos of the fleet… by a pile off wood it seems!


@Pepperjester, or by a tree.


How about some bushes?

Red and Silver Cadabra is mine, Tanuki Supreme and Element 30 are my buddies rides.


The Surge on my last mtb ride a month ago before I fractured my wrist at Whopper, on that ride.


no wood but she’s dirty and wet :wink: 2012 shinobi 2

2014 Garneau E1 sport, for the long rides :wink:

My pride, 1942 Sunshine Waterloo



Thanks for pointing that out @JeffV


Yeah @Devinci_2, I cannot easily control that message when I pin and un-pin things. I’d like to be able to silently pin and un-pin.


That was suppose to be a witty reply to the wood comments above, but it replied at the end of the thread. Looks like it went limp.