Post your bike


2018 Norco Sight




Sweet! That should be a great trail bike for you.


Got this little flash from the past tonight!


2010 Specialized BigHit2


2018 Rocky Mountain Instinct A70 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


Here’s a picture from a ride through Shubie I recently found


Sweet ride dude!


Is Cc still hiring? :joy:


All the major upgrades are on!

Absolute Black 32t oval
Sunrace 11-50t cassette
Ks lev 150mm dropper
And last but not least the yellow rim strip (aka duck tape)

I think it’s sharp looking now with that all black cassette and yellow rim strip!


Trek Farley EX 8


Can’t lie, I’m a bit jealous.


If you rotate it within your own library a few times it should upload properly. Some weird formatting glitch thingy stripping meta data yada yada 1’s and 0’s 11000101011000101


I tried that, but still ended up upside down. If I retake the photo with the phone 180deg from the orientation I shot it at it should be fine. Yay technology and public embarrassment.


i posted upside down photos with pride for weeks :wink:



I did the rotate for you Chris and then made the post yours. :sunglasses:

The rotate bug is irritating because they don’t think its a bug.

Oh yeah… sweet ride!


Another one of mine in a mid life revamp.

On-one codeine 29er but (just) fitted with 650B+ wheels and tyres. With the offset bushes this thing monstered over most obstacles so I’ve high hopes for its test run tomorrow


Thanks man! Yah I read all about using editing software to change the meta data tags and then…I went for another ride :smile:

The bike is a beast. 2018 YT Capra CF 27.5.

Thanks again!


ehhhh idk i liked it better upside down with the anti gravity cheat on :stuck_out_tongue: