Post your bike


Ditto on the adapter, I’m running a 32 up front with a 9 tooth on the back. Not the best set up so I’ve been playing with an internally geared rear hub and try to change it up. Do I see that you put an adapter on the headset to allow for a 1 1/8 stem too?

Klunker ride sometimes?


Stumpjumper FSR comp 29.Soon to be retired when I decide on a replacement. Bike 2 is a Specialized Fatboy…looking forward to winter


Yeah! Affirmative on the stem adapter. I did chicken out and put a front brake on, in case I reassemble/repack the hub incorrectly or the chain breaks.
I’ve often thought it would be fun to get a bunch of like minded fools together for a coaster brake challenge
These bikes frequently pop up on kijiji and are easy to modify. Depending on space constraints/spousal understanding, I’d like to pick up a few more of these to lend out to people!!


with my best oldie but goldilicious reignah!!! upgraded components for any trail grinding. :slight_smile:




My sweet 2016 Specialized Rumor. Purple power!


Wood AND a cannon. Supa nice!


I’ll play too. This is what I’m riding most of time right now. Super fun to be able to go bang around town with when this waiting for good trail conditions. Feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it too.

Ozonyz Cannibal with a front freewheel set up. Hydro rim brake out back, disc front out front. Got the bike pretty well dialled in now, it took some time to get the set up right but it’s been totally worth sorting out and it feels awesome!


Wow, that’s a crazy rig!


^ yeah Jeff, it’s a beast! Super stiff and unforgiving but a ton of fun!


2012 giant trace x4

2000 rocky mountain glide


Yeah bikes! 2014 StumpJumper Evo and some cool art.


It’s new bike day for me! Massive upgrade from my entry level hardtail in every single way. Just finished tweaking suspension settings and other little things. Need to hit some trails asap. Might try Shubie tomorrow or Monday.

PS: Those chunky, fugly pedals are not my main pedals. Just used the flats for messing around in my parking garage.


Sweet bike, @JonMacD!


My Yeti is up for sale, and I’m now riding this: Commencal Meta AM v4.2 Race (is it software or a bicycle?!)

Have had a couple of shakedown rides on it and I think I need to leave my wife I’m so in love with it.


New Ride.


Oh, man that looks sharp.


it needs a pink saddle


Deym, i need one too. drooling :drooling_face:


I was thinking the same!