Post your bike


Tri-dork phaser set to STUN!


You washed it??



Yeah, in October :joy:


Nice one FeLT brother!


Oh boy, I sure love new bike day!

FS: 2017 Specialized Enduro Elite Carbon

Sweet looking ride.


Sweeet… I first thought if it was the intense :spider:.


Thanks folks! I’m pretty stoked and can’t wait to give it a proper testing. I’m really happy with the specs out of the box i just needed to ad some pedals and it’s ready to rock. I will be running a longer stem then stock but that’s just a fit preference.

Bonus points to Specialized for including proper thick abuse ready tires, sweet aluminum anodized valve cores and tubeless strips already on the rims. Even came with an extra rim strip and volume adjust tokens for the fork. Nice work on the details!

Now, please melt snow…


New bike day. Let the snow melt and trails dry!


That looks exactly like mine! It’s such a nice bike!


New to me bike…

Found a crack in my frame and Marin sent me a brand new frame free of charge…


Stumpy in Mahone Bay, love it!


2017 budget blown a little early in the year lol. Only thing left to do is ride so hurry up weather and get nice!


@Tyro, show us your Dartmoor Primal?!


Here it is! 2016 Dartmoor Primal


Sharp! I like the red accents.


@JeffV it is pretty sharp, the guy who built it has an eye for details. The blue paint is awesome in the sun :slight_smile:


My daughter got a new one for Easter:


Just some shots getting to work with the 2002 Honda Shadow Saber 1100 with the 2014 Norco Bigfoot in towe.


You may want one of these?