Post your bike


$$$$ Is the big thing blocking me from that option. I have definitely looked at it many times haha.


Yeah, not cheap for sure.


Bamboozled by this bamboo bike. I asked, but they wouldn’t let me ride it.


@nwmenz 's brother makes bamboo bikes. They’re apparently pretty sweet.


My Dawg


My new bike: 2017 Mayor - Aluminum. Upgrades:

  • Manitou Mastodon 120mm fork
  • Fatty Stripper tubeless setup with blue 3M reflective rim tape
  • MEC Cypher flat pedals in red

Fractured elbow is still recovering, but I’m confident I’ll be able to get out for some light trail riding soon. Can’t wait to get this beast out to see how it handles!


Looks like fun man!


There’s No way that photo gives justice to that kind of beauty! :laughing:

And wait no dropper post?:joy:


Norco Torrent 7.1
On-One Codeine 140mm 29er
Merida Single Speed 29er
Cube Reaction GTC SLT
Giant Defy Roadie
Charge Cooker Maxi

Left out my wife & daughters six for ease.

I suspect I may have a problem


I don’t see any problem!

(The fact that I can’t see over my own stack of bikes might have something to do with it!)


Trying out this bad boy for a while.
2018 Norco Ithaqua 2S


I was so impressed with my first Ghost that when it was time to upgrade there was no question it would be another Ghost.

2017 Ghost SL AMR 4


Love that bike man! Sweet!!


My 2017 Devinci Spartan. It feels like a really fun bike so far. Can’t wait to get more time on it.


Man, another nice one!


Almost finished building this up-


New fattie!


Two orange bikes in a row! LOL


It’s like the new black… bragh :punch:

Nice looking rides!


This is from about a month ago. “There’s your problem.” Couldn’t see why the back end was flopping around because the chainstay protector was on.

My Stumpie has a new chainstay now. Glad there were still compatible parts in stock!