Post your bike


First ride… A few things need to be tweaked but just minor stuff. A very different feel compared to my other bikes for sure but fun!


It’s been a while. So used of riding the rigid fatties whole summer that i find Fine tuned full suspension bikes disturbingly comfortable! :grinning:


New ride, @shadowfox70? Looks sweet.


Yes Sir! Still Stoked to have this at cheap price too. I do need to service or change dropper post though, as it’s leaking oil. :frowning: image from another angle. Anyways, any ecmtb stickers left? :grinning:


Nice ride! I think we followed you out of the city today.

Also, more decals coming this week! I plan on cutting them in the next few days.


That would be awesome, @Pepperjester!


I borrowed a FS fattie the other day and felt the same.


2018 Ithaqua 2S running 4" Nates at the moment.


Woot “new” bike day!!

Thanks to Mike at Valley Stove & Cycle and Yann at Specialized for tracking down this Fuse frame for me to swap parts form my old StumpJump on to. It feels awesome and looks great too!

Have a few parts on order for it so this is a temp build so I could try it out. Borrowed the wheels of my Enduro while I wait for my new Mavic’s to show up. I’ll be running a 29" set up on this bike rather than the 27.5 shown for more speed and longer rides, but might toss the 27.5 wheels on from time to time and it felt great yesterday with them.


Some good lookin wood too :wink:


Nice wood… Lol

Good to see you at Fight this morning @Rolls


Yeah nice to meet you, and put a face to the usename.


I got 99 problems but a bike ain’t one…

Everyone meet my new 2018 Kona Wo. I haven’t named her yet but I am so excited I have to let the world know. I’ve got 3 kids and I was never this excited when they arrived :slight_smile:

I pimped it out a bit with the orange rim strips and love the way it turned out


The rake on that beast, woah! Er, I mean Wo.


Awesome! And another orange bike shows up in the thread… congrats Muddy!


Meet “Moon Mist”, my FELT DD 10. Still paying it off but I sold the fleet to dive into my first new bike purchase. Only have about 50km on it but I’m loving it!


So glad you decided to buy it. Gonna be a great ride for you!


What’s happening at the chainstay/bottom bracket interface? Looks interesting. Is that to prevent chainsuck damaging the frame?


That design is to allow for really short chainstays while maintaining clearance for the front ring.


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