Post your bike


1997 Tamarack. Fillet brazed Reynolds 853. Original fork was the first RS SID. Raced this bike for many years.


I love the hubs :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, I did not know there were Tamarack MTBs. Was actually checking out the gallery of Tamaracks about a week ago and wondered if Mark Beaver had built any.


I think mine is pretty much the only one still rolling.


Not mine but still pretty cool.


Trail rig of yesteryear.


Race bike from the end of the 26" era…


That green and yellow Kona is pretty groovy. The length of that headtube though!!

Always found the “shock as seat stay” designs on the Specialized bikes odd looking.


Don’t know if I have any other pictures of my Kona Stab Primo. This was at Wentworth racin’ DH



Giant Anthem X Advanced by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

She’s forsale. Replacing it with a new Rocky. I think we have 6 bikes for sale right now. commuters, oldies, this one, maybe my cross bike. Everything is going to make way for a new fleet.


He has. There are a couple Tamarack MTB’s in the basement at Cyclesmith. He’s been whipping out some new road bikes lately.


I Wish I had some spare budget because I would be interested :stuck_out_tongue:


Whatcha getting for a Rocky? Instinct?




Brodie diablo with junior T’s, and 24” double tracks!!


Same one I have had for a while, Camber, keep looking at replacing the frame with something more modern as this is a 2014, but not sure it’s worth the money.
It’s been through a couple configurations, 25lb 110mm XC racer, to what it is now, a 28lb trail bike.
This year I bumped the Pike to 130mm, added Renthal 35mm carbon bars and new tires, a butcher front and a purgatory rear, in 29x2.6


Nice, I think RM is the best brand (for mtb) that CS has going these days. Wish we would have gotten them a year earlier (ha ha).


I think your right. The Kona Process is highly rated too, but Treks are boring IMO.


My only Trek mtb is a hardtail. Can’t get more boring than that. I think RM has better spec per buck.