Proper kids mtb tires?


Just doing some tuning and repairs in the kids bikes. Man, those 24x1.95 tires are skinny! I can’t help but think the dude might have some more fun with wider rubber. Anyone upgraded their kids tires?


24 x 2.0 for my youngest. They suit him just fine.

I think we’re all just accustomed to looking at wider tires on our own bikes. Not that many years ago we were all riding 26 x 2.0 also.


It’s slim picking out there. Maxxis has the Snyper 24x2.0 but that’s not much of a size increase but they are available at MEC. Knobs are fairly small on that one, I have a pair on my son’s bike.

Commencal Canada has the 24x2.35 Kenda Kinetics on their website (perpetually only one in stock). It’s a DH oriented tire but the weight isn’t horrible compared to other DH options (760g).

Other than that it’s the Maxxis Minion DHF 24x2.4 @ 1110g, Maxxis High Roller 24x2.5 @ 1080g.

Schwalbe also have some options:

Rocket Ron 24x2.1
Smart Sam 24x2.35 (this one seems to be new)
Black Jack 24x2.1
Fat Albert 24x2.4 (recommended as a rear only for some reason)

That’s all I got.


Hey, I still ride my 26" tires @Rolls

But there are also Vee Stout. They make a 24x2.6 still for the old DH bikes. The Kenda Small Block 8’s are what I generally recommend they are 24x2.10.


Thnx guys I don’t think I’d go much bigger than a 2.1-2.35 otherwise the weight probably gets a bit too much. Anyone know of any local shops that might have some in stock?


I threw out a couple 24inchers last year. I guess I should have hung on to them to give away. One was a brand new IRC 24x3.0 that probably would have sucked for a kids bike though.

If you don’t want swanky brand name sticky rubber, check canadian tire, they usually stock 24" tires.


@Drgonzo I’ll check at the shop and see if we have anything in stock. Or if we have an order going in. I’m at The Bike Pedaler in Dartmouth. I’ll also check our used supply, might have something but usually they are the standard 1.75-1.95. I’ll see what I can come up with.


@Drgonzo I took a look around the shop to see if we had any used 24x2.00-2.3 tires and we have nothing that big. In new, I have nothing at the moment that meets your needs.


Cool thanks for checking!


Just circling back to this- I recently got some of the new “trail version” Minion DHF in 24x2.4 for my son’s Stinky 24 and we’ve been to Keppoch twice with them. Great tires! They’ve got a nice large volume, folding bead, traction seems really good and the weight isn’t too bad- 765g versus 1110g for the DH version.

I want to get some for myself in the 26" version!


I meant to post but I forgot, I ended up picking up a pair of Kenda kinetics DH tires 24x2.35. 760g wire bead $29 each
They look better than the stock tires on his Hardtail. Seem to work well per my dudes trailside report.

Also picked up a pair of maxxis holy rollers 20x2.2 for my littler dude from cyclesmith. Nice grip but decent rolling resistance profile.


The Trek Roscoe comes with CST 24x2.8 tires. Basically a fatty for kids.