PSA-winter klunker project?


Note-I’m not the seller nor do I know them! I have couple already and risk spousal consequences if I bring another bike into the house!
These are fun to build up as an mtb klunker with any old MTB parts you have laying around.


This has @riderx’s name all over it!


26” ain’t dead, it’s just getting sideways on fireroads and going over some sweet jumps!


I feel you! I’m dead meat if another bike makes it into the stable… I really need to let a couple of things go.


Glad im not the only one getting a hard time for the bike collection! I just need a good all-mountain bike now, time to convince the wife…


MrsMaritimer rides also, so we have 2 throttles and 0 brakes when N+1 comes to call. 5 bikes are actively in use most of the season, 2 are currently idle.

I have no room for any more projects!