Ratchet ring


I’m thinking the ratchet ring in my Spank Oozy rear hub is turning within the hub body. I see they once sold them through CRC but I’m assuming the hub is probably toast. Anyone experience this before? If I replace the hub, what are your thoughts on using the existing spokes when rebuilding the wheel?


Not sure about your ratchet ring problem but you will only be able to reuse your existing spokes if the new hub has the same dimensions (flange diameter and right and left centre to flange measurements) This also assumes none of the spokes are damaged. I’ve built lots of wheels with reused spokes no big deal there, but you will at least want to use new nipples.

For the cost I’d just get new spokes if you’re not planning on replacing with the same hub. Decent straight gauge spokes run around $1-ish each double butted are more.


I’m not equipped to rebuild the wheel myself and I’m pretty sure bike shops, Cyclesmith anyway, will only build using new spokes.


I ordered the same hub but no spokes.


Talk to Roger at Halifax Cycles. He’s built 2 wheelsets for me and has always done a great job.


Sportwheels can help ya with too, same hub should be no issue, given that all your spokes are good they can be used too :blush:. Wheel build price starts at $40.