Ride from my door - will it be possible?


So the countdown has started for my immigration to NS, and it’s getting to the point where the bikes will be washed, stored & shipped soon.

However, I have to look forward to opening the container & getting riding again some time in November.

We’re looking at probably living in Fall River - which looks great from a “lots of trees and lakes” point of view - but what’s the riding like from the door? Do you have a ‘right to roam’ out there?

I’m lucky in so much as my nearest trail centre is sub 2km from my house in the UK…

Thanks in advance, looking forward to joining you guys in the snow.


To ride to a trail from Fall River, I’d say the closest spots are MacDonald Sports Park, Spider Lake & The Cob (or Flight Path) in Enfield. Most of us tend to drive to the good spots, i.e. Gore (Empire Trails), Fight Trail, Whopper, Evil Birch etc. Good luck on the move. Should be decent riding in November if it is not too wet. The snow will likely hold off until the end of December.


I’ll echo what @coaster said. McDonald Sports Park (6km), Spider Lake (11km) and The Cob (16km) are the closest trails to Fall River.

I grew up in Fall River, and most of the stuff we rode has been forgotten about and is overgrown now, although there were never any proper trails, just short bits here and there.


Regarding ‘right to roam’, no, we don’t have that here. However, about 30% of the province is crown (government owned and not park or protected area designated) land and that’s generally open for public use. In addition there is a lot of privately owned land that can be accessed. In general you should be fine if you stay out of farmer’s fields, away from houses and respect ‘No Trespassing’ signs.


If I was a rider, new to the area and looking to live nearby a quick ride to the trail head, I would be buying a place somewhere near the Governor’s Brook Subdivision in Spryfield. The Fight Trail is literally (literally) in your back yard. Notwithstanding the type of house you need and all that stuff, strictly from a riders point of view, it doesn’t get any better than living on Mica Crescent


Thanks for the replies… Sounds like I should make sure I buy a car / truck with bike carrying ability then.

Fight Trail looks like an after work ride, but that does look worth the distance!


Note sure if this was mentioned, you will need a headlamp for after work riding in the winter here.


There’s a trail at Powder Mill Lake, on Rocky Lake Road, but I haven’t been on it in a year or two. I think it will eventually get connected into the Shubie Trail system.

There are dirt jumps in Fall River and Wellington, if you’re into that sort of thing.

There may be some nearby ATV trails that you could get on, but they probably aren’t maintained, and would be in rough shape for mountain biking, but maybe doable. I’ve ridden the trail at the end of Old Holland Road, and the ATV trails behind the park across from Oakleaf Crescent many years ago. I have no idea what shape they’re in now.

Most of us drive to the trails around Halifax, and there are many within an hour’s drive or less from the city. I have a small SUV with a hatchback. If it’s just me, I just throw my bike into the hatch. If there are two or more of us, with saddles out, and front wheels off, we stand the bikes up.


Not only do many of us drive, but many of us are also willing to go slightly out of our way to pick up others to have more company on the trails. :slight_smile:


A vehicle is a must in this province to be able to travel around. We don’t have much in the way of public transit that extends beyond the city areas.


Oh, no fear of getting a car at all… I’ll have to work in Halifax so there’s a 30ish km drive there everyday.

I just like getting straight out on the bike sometimes.

Lots of good info though, thank you guys!


@m0rk this strava heatmap is a good indication of where folks ride the most. Mind you most of these tracks are on the road.


@Rolls - that’s fantastic. I’d forgotten about heatmaps despite being a regular stravaterrorist


It’s taken a while, but I’ve landed - bikes are on the way & can’t wait to try out the suggestions above!

Thanks all


Hey @m0rk welcome! Hopefully you can make it out to one of our group rides.


Without a doubt I’ll be out on many!


Put up a post if your looking for someone to show you some trails. If I’m available I’ll try and give you a hand as will some others I bet :slight_smile:




Thanks guys - much appreciated

It’s been so long since I had a decent ride (bikes have been in storage for 3.5 months) that I’ve got some fitness to find again… Should have my container arrive over christmas


If your looking to spin your wheels McDonald Sports Park is a really good place.