Road Trip Sunday February 11th


I want to go somewhere to ride or snowshoe or something on Sunday. I should have studded tires by then so bring on the ice if that’s what it is.


I’ve heard Fredericton’s MVP trails are insanely good right now.


I hear there is also still some snow on PEI. What about Truro? Is it going to be bust there too this weekend I wonder?


Current forecast is calling for 8 degrees and rain on Sunday. :frowning: Of course, it’s Nova Scotia - that could change.

Right now, Friday night looks like the best riding conditions for the weekend.


If weather does not cooperate, there is the BNS AGM that day.


I would be up for Truro or Keppoch Sunday if the weather holds out.


Hit me up Saturday night I might be up for it too.


Also interested in Sunday bike day!


This up? Or crappy weather?


I’d say crappy weather. The only place with snow seems to be going to NB.


someone up to bike today in Halifax? thanks!


Most trails too soggy to ride on rainy days! But if you’re really on it , fight trail old entrance to basement and evil birch main trail really dry and drains well but mind the risk of hitting the soft spots.