Saddest Monkey


Banning mountain bikes in this city is just f*&#ing silly! The volume of biking traffic back there is so small. Maybe they should try to keep jerks like the ones that spray painted on the rocks at Suzie lake away.


Happy to report the main Whopper trail from Burger King to the rock garden is 100% clear and rideable. All of the downed trees/brush/woodchips are gone. Nothing but granite goodness!


Giddy up!


I’d assume the playground is also clear but I haven’t made it over there yet. Anyone?


Looks like more destruction is coming. They put cement blocks on the entrance and are moving some sort of heavy equipment in. It’s hard to tell what from my desk, but it looks like it is on a flatbed truck.


Well that sucks. The next stage would be to blast it level.


Still not entirely sure what they are doing…


I noticed the concrete barriers when I was in there on Friday, but it didn’t occur to me that they were about to start more work. Sounds like the end of access from that side may be nigh. Bummer.


Must have something to do with all this park talk. The last time the public took notice of it’s recreation potential they chopped it down.


Have you seen where the new Ikea store is going in at Dartmouth Crossing. It is incredible how quickly they completely changed the landscape.


@muddy yeah that’s what I’m picturing behind burger king. That whole hill has to be brought down level with the rest of bayers lake.




Progress! Shopping!


halifax needs more cheap shit imported from china, yo


@jeffv there was no equipment anywhere in there tonight. Maybe it was just there to move the cement blocks in to place.


Just saw this posted online. Speculative date of 2018/19.


Well thats depressing and unsurprising.


Wish I could read the block to the left of “PHASE 2”. There was talk of access to the wilderness area.


I zoomed in on the picture on twitter (came from Halifax Retales), it’s just a mush of characters.