Saddest Monkey


In other sad developmment news, there is a huge gas station/car wash/tim hortons planned for the exhibition grounds back entrance to Wrandees. Doesn’t affect the trails, but still…


It is sad to know that. But just as we couldn’t do anything about it, I’ve seen the BBC Planet Earth II sad monkeys adopt well in urban development and thus being more happy about it. :slight_smile:




How long did it take you to find that!.


Well now, this is interesting. I still hate losing whopper, but I guess losing it to a hospital is better than a big box store parking lot.


A hospital in that traffic congested cesspool with near zero transit and absolute zero foot traffic is, in my mind, stupid and short-sighted.


I humbly disagree… this is a regional health center with services that are used by people driving sometimes hours to get to and not knowing or wanting to driving downtown. In the dozens of visits my wife and I have made to the VG/Centennial over the last 20 years, most of the people we met were form outside of town. Not a scientific poll but indicitive of the reality of the users of those services.


I certainly don’t think that placing the new centre downtown will be a smarter idea. After all, downtown traffic can also be very congested, though it’s far more accessible to public transit.

Consider the viewpoint from someone (not me) who works in the medical field, who says she has a 500-plus person waiting list for assessment and treatment, but cancels up to 10 appointments per day because people can’t get to the clinic. They rely on public transit or family members to make their appointments, but if something comes up and family aren’t available or there is a bus breakdown, then they can’t make their appointments. That’s a huge time-waster as that time could be spent assessing other patients.

The Cobequid Community Health Centre is an example of good location that is close to lots of transit routes and accessible to vehicle traffic as well without having to deal with too much congestion (in my limited experience, anyway).

The fact that the government paid 12-times the assessed value of the land and purchased it from donors to the NS Liberals (source Global News: is a whole other concern. Dodgy politics aside, having the additional centre is a good thing and will help alleviate some of the system issues. However, I think it should have been placed somewhere more accessible to have a greater impact.


Noticed there is an excavator parked there today.


Its on the backside of the hill today…working near the playground:(


There’s a portable office shack on site now. I expect more work is in the near future.

Also, I think the tree line at bottom of playground has a section cleared for heavy equipment access too. The were crossing the BLT with rubber mats a couple weeks ago to do this.








I see an excavator there now.


More carnage, three escavators on the hill cut a track where the roads are in the above map it seems:

Hard to tell what the plan is if this is just an access road or the start of the real roads and the hill maybe will not be leveled as much as I expected.


I feel I shouldn’t ‘like’ that post Jeff, but I do appreciate the update, as unfortunate as it is.


I need to find another route for my mountain commutes.

I was thinking maybe over by Kent near treeline is safe.


Walked that recently and it’s a bit wet.


I live in Clayton Park and ride to whopper. I’d be interested in working on a new trail to get in from Bayers lake.