Saddest Monkey


This area, @Wayners?


I work in Bayers Lake and saw an excavator on the top of the hill Monday. Yesterday when I left work, I noticed three rigs and a construction trailer in the blocked off parking lot. It saddens me too. We were blessed to have had Whopper to ride for so many years. My question is how are we going to get into the wilderness area to continue to ride. It seems like a big undertaking, for people like me, to have to come in from the entrance at the top of the industrial park to get across to the other side of the powerlines and ride our “usual” trails.


Yeah. The trail connects to Whopper right where you either head for Suzie Lake or turn to go toward the power lines. I didn’t even know it was there. I was talking to Scout one day about how damn squeaky my icetech rotors were when a woman appeared beside out of nowhere. It’s there but it would need some work.


Wait. Looking at your map here. I don’t think that’s the same trail. The one I was on branches off from the one behind Kent and is in the woods not along the cut block.


I was thinking of a new one along tree line. Even a temporary path on the cleared area.


I rode up to Whopper this morning from DaMinion to check out the damage. Very sad. I definitely think there needs to be a new access from The area you highlighted. I worry though that it wouldn’t be safe if they use explosives to level things out.


Janet and I went in the Burger King entrance this afternoon to see if we could pick our way through. Thought maybe it was just one or two roads through.

No way. They’ve cut several laneways with 8ft. Piles of dirt and vegetation either side. There’s bits of trail between, but not worth it to go over and through to get to them. The trail is wrecked.


This picture is from within one of the cleared lanes.



Whopper construction start

Long live the original Whopper Drop. May her KOMs rest in perpetuity.


I went in from Powerlines yesterday, it’s obliterated. Had some great times in that area though, gone but not forgotten


They’ve started blasting in the clearcut area…


Did you hear ‘taps’ playing afterwards?


Thats gross. Waste of trail and blueberries. Just what HRM needs. Less green and more concrete. Yes.


New entrance into lake loop anyone?




Is the road open yet?


Cones on the road to keep the cars out but the sidewalk is open:)

Actually its more of a paved active transportation corridor than a sidewalk. Its pretty nice actually and runs all the way up from the BLT/COLTA.