Say Hi!


If you’ve never posted or commented on ECMTB here’s your chance! No need to be complicated or profound, just say “Hi!” it’s easy.




Shy bunch.


wallflowers :slight_smile:


Free ECMTB decal for anyone who’s never posted before, that says Hi.

@rossw_idealbikes I’ll drop yours off at the shop.






@rolls Technically… @rossw_idealbikes posted for the first time on Feb 2 (Purchasing a Fat Bike) but since he joined so recently and none of the lurkers have said hi yet I’d give him sticker anyway. Might as well give @muddy one too just for the effort.


Done and done.


Watcha at!


Hi! How’s everyone doing?


Hi everybody! I’m Mike!


@tanner ECMTB decal coming your way. I’ll get your coordinates in a PM.


Hello! Finally got off the wall and made an account


Welcome aboard!


Hello :slight_smile:



Im a bit of a lurker, working on getting back into biking.



Finally made an account. I’m hoping to get in on these weekly rides once in a while.


Hey, only been out on one ride with you guys so far, threw up a little lol, gotta get my endurance up. I’ll be out again soon I hope, it was a blast.


Hi… Now feck off ya bunch of wankers!!!