Specialized Camber Elite and Devinci Wilson DH Mountain Bike for Sale SOLD


I originally posted this to kijiji but I am selling a bunch of bike stuff including:

2011 Specialized Camber Elite
$700 …update: SOLD

2006 Devinci Wilson
$500 SOLD

as well as a Park Tools bike stand

I know that it is ironic to say that bikes are well cared for and then to post pictures of them with dirty chains! But I am in the midst of moving and have already gotten rid of all my bike cleaning materials.

Prices are firm but I might be able to throw in some additional parts (tires, pedals, etc) if you take the bikes off my hands before I have to put them in storage. I work in Amherst during the week but am in HRM on weekends if you want to have a look.

(also posted this on Bike gear for sale facebook. Sorry for cross posting).


I’ll take the stand of your hands


Great. I’ll pm you with my contacts and we can make arrangements.


All stuffs sold. Thanks