Studded Rubber for Fatbike


I just ordered a pair of unstudded 45NRTH Wrathchilds from Mike’s Bike Shop in Moncton. They have a functional ecommerce store, so that’s pretty convenient. They were $185 each. I then ordered a set of 300 aluminum body/carbide tip studs from Amazon, and I’m going to stud them with a custom pattern this weekend. My plan is to run the middle and shoulder row on the back and an all-over pattern on the front. All told, I’m in for $450 with shipping, which isn’t bad for good rubber, but ridiculous when you think about it.

The Blizzaks on my truck cost less than fat bike tires. This is insane.


Did you take the fat bike plunge Jeff?


Yeah man–I bought @IanMHFX’s Rocky.


Awesome. Congrats.

Now if we could only get some snow so we can ride these things like they are meant to be ridden


Come to the valley!


Yeah, Truro is the same way too. All we get is the damn rain


To my surprise, the ground controls I studded with grip studs have been holding up fine, I really expected the studs to rip out, but I haven’t lost one single stud, and most of the riding on them have been on just frozen ground and rocks.


My self-studded Wrathchilds have been performing equally well. Adding a couple rows of 45NRTH XL studs made a big difference in traction over the regular carbide studs though.


After getting a couple hundred km on my Bud and Lous I absolutely love them. They have a scary amount of grip and are not as slow as I exspected them to be. I plan to look after them well by avoiding granite. They where used when I got them and I am missing a few studs but only in the rear. Havn’t lost a single one in the front. I will gladly buy a new rear when this one won’t hold grip studs any more and do it my self.


I wrote this blog post a while ago.

I’ll go back and read the rest of the post. :slight_smile:


I’m testing a set of terrene CEs now with the crown studs.

Grip Studs provide the BEST traction EVER. Expensive though. I reviewed them a couple of years ago.

Flat top studs are better than round top, and concave tip are better than flat.

Kold Cutters tend to pull out.

And all studs don’t like rocks . . . however I have lost very few GSs and the crown studs in the CEs are pretty stubborn.


This is the latest on my snow shoes. The bead separated from the casing. Hard to recommend them to anyone after this.


I had a problem with mine where after one season the lugs where separating from the casing. I do mean separating, not ripping.


Snowshoe XL or regular Snowshoes?
I know that Vee had a bad batch of Bulldozers one year. Its the first I heard of that happenning.



Seems the wrong season to be talking snow and ice traction, but I’m planning ahead for once. :wink: I’ve heard good things about the grip studs, the only con being the cost. I was thinking to buy a 1000-count carton if I could find enough people who want to go in on a box. Apparently can stud a pair of 4.8" Minions with under 200 studs. Are there four others looking to get a 200-count of grip studs? Price per doesn’t drop a lot, but every bit helps.


I have something like ~75 per tire and had good traction.


I have yet to secure my studded tire options for the upcoming season, sadly… but still considering buying a carton to split between folks, if anyone was interested to go in on the deal. Not a huge price drop, but every bit counts these days.


Are those the Asian knock-offs you are getting or the real GSs? There is a guy here who brings them in a couple of times a year.


I had planned to get the real deal. Could always get @DVH to bring me some!


I have not used the knock-offs, but I have the real Grip Studs. AMAZING traction. Better than any standard studded tire. If memory serves I put 100 per tire in 4" Vee Missions and they crawled everywhere. Better traction than fully studded Dilly 5s . . . this was proven one day when me and a buddy went for a spin.