Sweet Ride - Free Studded Tire Upgrade


I have no affiliation with Sweet Ride, just saw this and thought it was a pretty great idea. Considering the type of winters we get around here.


I have 200 Grip Studs headed my way. I hope I get them before the ice melts away! checks forecast Aw, shi


That is a pretty sweet deal, especially if includes installation.


I’m not so sure about that. Only because those look like the showshoes XL’s and they are among some of the lower cost and worst all round performing tires. They can be had for around 120$ each (still not cheep). With that said it’s not rare to see bikes with more than a $250 discount. Now this could be a case where they are not able to offer a sale price so they are putting in some free goodies and I get that but they are not good winter tires. Thats just my thoughts.


Still not a bad deal if you are just looking for a quick jump into winter fat biking. I’m assuming that there are not a lot of shops discounting fat bikes this time of year, though.


Maybe a sign their fat bike sales have levelled off, due to the inconsistent winters in these parts. Throw in some studs to get people off the fence. Pretty good marketing if you ask me.


I agree with Chris that the Snowshoe XL is not a great snow tire, but studded it worked great on ice. It’s good for someone new who’s not ready to throw down at lot of money for a good studded tire for something they may find they don’t enjoy. :man_shrugging:t3: Whatever gets people on bikes and gets them hooked.