Tacky tacktics


Pulled this tack/nail out of my rear tire today, not sure where I would have picked it up. Keep an eye out for debris on the trails.


Been in Spider lately? A nearby landowner used to drop tacks in there every now and then.


Jeebus that’s terrible, now I’m going to be worried about my dog’s paws when we go there next.


I first noticed it while loading the bike to hit McFight with Chris, probably October 8. Don’t think I was in Spider much before then. I wonder if there’s debris from the house construction on Alabaster Way? :thinking:


Hmmm… Does it look like it was attached to a air nailer strip?


I have no idea what that would look like. :grimacing:


You would see a little tab or piece of wire where it was attached, I think. All the construction crew would be using them, whereas some dude who goes to hardware store like you or I would just get the loose ones.