Tour de HRM - Park Tour


Now that I’ve compiled a list of Bike parks around HRM, (Nova Scotia Bike Park Info (Dirt Jumps/BMX/4-Cross/Mountain Bike Skills)) I’m thinking of doing a tour. - one park per week, maybe on Monday nights.

I pretty much suck at Dirt Jumping, but maybe I can get better. It would be great to do some sessions with experienced jumpers who can demonstrate and provide tips. I can pumptrack ride pretty well, but I don’t do anything fancy like jumps or wheelies.

Any dirt jumpers / pump trackers interested?


Id be interested. Wouldnt say im experienced at dirtjumping per se but i like airing it out any chance i get on trails. Still getting used to the 6ft + steep pitch jumps (advanced lines) and far from comfortable on them


planning on hitting either glenbourne or mt edward after work Monday


Planning to ride Glenbourne Monday as well. Won’t be there until 7:00 though.