Trail Snare


Doesn’t seem like the RCMP see it as a cause of physical assault… typical pass the buck mentality.


If it was in a rural area, the rcmp would prob take it fairly seriously, however i think it falls under hrp jurisdiction and i believe thats who the report was initially filed with… They probably see it as a “we have bigger things to deal with in this city” kind of way.
Doubtful it would get their attention unless someone actually got hurt first.
Honestly might get more traction with the media, cbc or the metro, whatever… Even let tony mancini know. Just something to get awareness out before it happens again


Sounds like another a-hole like the tack guy at Spider Lake. Pretty hard to do much about it as it occurs in such an isolated area. Wouldn’t you like to come across this person actually doing this on the trail though?


The biggest concern of both HRP and DNR was that it had been dismantled. DNR mentioned they have ways of tracking these people, which I won’t discuss on here, just in case the wack job doing this reads our forums.


It looks like this is in the wilderness area…the Department of the Environment should also be contacted.