Valley Jumps


Back yard jumps and pumps will be coming very soon. Took it for a little spin yesterday and did some grading and moved an old jump in prep for the new lines. New minis are soo smooth, it’s rad.

Fun times to follow!


Can I take a turn driving? :laughing:


I think we can arrange that!


Man I wish phase two of the gorge was still intact.


Nova where in Waverly is the jump line?

I’m still learning to jump and have been making progress at Victoria park skills park… but Waverly is much closer to my house


@TrainingWheels Closest jump parks to your location (Porters Lake?) are probably Mt. Edward Rd. in Dartmouth and Cameron Park in Wellington. Fall River wouldn’t be too far either. Jumps in Cameron Park are pretty small, and there isn’t a great run/roll in. Good for newbies though. Mt. Edward, has small, medium and big jump lines. Fall River doesn’t really have a small jump line anymore that I recall - medium and big.

See list here:

Note these are jump parks, not trails with jumps.


hey man thanks for the Mt Edward Rd suggestion… I had no idea that even existed.


Map locations for the jump parks in HRM:


Mount Edward has some pretty fun jumps. Nice that it has three lines, although the small jumps are connected to the mediums and could be a little wider. They do seem to get maintained, so I think there are community members that work on them. Fortunately, they haven’t scooped out the middle, which the kids like to do. There’s also a pretty tight pump track that I’ve had a lot of fun on, but it’s gotten worn down and could use maintenance.