Victoria Park....Sunday, July 1st...who's in?


What do folks think? Who’s in?


I’d be happy to guide :slight_smile: @IanMHFX you in?




Rest the muscle all week!


I’m in or should be. Since I rode 100 km there last week alone haha. Long as I’m not hiking.


The Mother in Law lands on Saturday for nearly three weeks…

I’m in.


As I was reading that I was thinking, “you better dam well be in!”


What time are you thinking? Definitely interested as long as I’m not dead from my kayak commitments on Friday and Saturday (and dealing with aforementioned strained muscle / nerve pinch / whatever is causing me pain).


I’m open to time at this point. But a morning start would be good.


Looks like I’m likely going to PEI with the family this weekend so I probably won’t be able to make this one.


Hi all, I’ll still be at Vic park. Maybe not the best person to lead a ride, likely slower than you! Anyone still in?


I’m in. Is there anyone who is going who knows the trails well?


I know them, I’m just not as fast of a rider. But I ride 50-100 km a week in the park. Ill ask some of the guys at the Hub Cycle Group Ride Thursday and see if anyone’s in. Maybe one of them will lead.


Sounds good. As long as we don’t get too lost, not worried about the speed.


In. If I can get permission.


I will make a proper event…


Permission granted.