Wanted: Fat Bike fork to borrow / buy cheap


There’s been some creaking in the Crown Steerer Unit (CSU) on my Manitou Mastodon, and I have to send it back to Manitou under warranty. Looking for a fork to borrow or buy cheap so that I can keep riding while the Mastodon is being looked at. Anyone?


I have a couple rigid 29er forks you could borrow that MIGHT have enough clearance for your 29+ tires, but they’re 1 1/8 and QR dropouts…


I could lend out the fork off of my Salsa. I don’t really use the bike this time of year.


So it turns out that the fork @Pepperjester lent me doesn’t have a long enough steerer tube, because the head tube on my fat bike is apparently massive. :-/ So, still looking to borrow or buy a cheap fat bike compatible fork to get by with until I get mine back from the warranty claim. Steerer tube of over 7" apparently required.


Want to borrow my bike? I’m not using it at the moment.


That would be fantastic! :smiley: