Wanted: high quality flat pedals?


Anyone have any kicking around?


What level of quality? New? I may have some.


Higher end flats

Prefer new or in really good shape…

What do you have ?


I don’t have any lying around, but if you’re looking for a damn good pedal at a great price check out the Xpedo Spry. I run them on both my bikes and they’re killer. Wide platform, plenty of pins, super lightweight and fairly durable. Lost a pin on one set in about a year of heavy use, but not noticeable.



Looks like a nice pedal. I just ordered a set of DMR Vault (Slim) v2


The DMR’s should work great! Their stuff is pretty solid

Spry’s are good for the money, but not perfect. I had a set, held up ok for XC use. The mag bodies don’t like rocks however, so I ended up cracking mine after about 2 seasons use. The biggest other issue I had was the stock pins have very little grip. I ended up having to file a “+” into all of them to add some grip. Worked much better afterwards.