Wanted: kids bmx


Hey everyone.Looking for a cheap kids bmx with 20 inch wheels for my little dude. I don’t really care what it looks like or if it’s in rough shape. Happy to wrench on it, replace parts and apply spray paint and rust check as needed. He has a nice mountain bike already. This will be the bike he can get rowdy off homemade ramps with his brother, crash, take to school, campsite etc.
I don’t mind “department store “ brands, as long as the frame is not made out of melted cheese, and has a decent crank. Rear hand brake probably preferred over a coaster brake-but not a dealbreaker.
His last bike was a curbside find that I hand to rebuild/repack and perpetually retighten the headset. He outgrew it and we gave it to one of the neighbourhood kids. We’ve been lucky enough to find 3-4 bikes put out on garbage day that we’ve fixed up and given to the neighbourhood kids. Unfortunately the garbage day pickings and kijiji lately have been slim.
If you have anything just sitting there gathering dust let me know! My price range is anything from free to about $40 +/- a six pack


Here’s the kind of lifelong bike stoke you will be perpetuating


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Sounds like same announcer from the 2018 stumpy ad.