When do shuttles start? Keppoch


Anyone hear any whispers yet? Im itching and i know open weekends gotta be just around the corner


If you hear anything or they post up on FB, please announce here. I’m dying to get up there and shuttle my brains out.



Bwahahahaha that’s awesome!


From the Keppoch Facebook page:

When do shuttles start up?

The Keppoch- We are aiming for the weekend of May 26. We will certainly update on FB when know for sure. Look out for Shuttle Punch passes coming as well.


I know, I love stuff like this.



Just something about trying to air a jump mid climb doesnt quite work


Shuttle punch pass?! Damn i woulda had like 6 free coffees from last year alone


30 laps a day my hands are locked this way hahahahahahaha so true though after the first couple days of the season



Just saw on their FB page, Keppoch shuttles start next weekend May 26 and 27 (now running two days a week).


Yup indeed. I had a sweet trip plan til i done broked my dang face (literally) and concussed the ol noggin. Happy season opening boys! Honestly not super bitter though im damn lucky to walk away. Please everyone shred the living fuck out of this weekend for me.


Hey anyone planning on going for opening weekend with space in their vehicle?


Im a maybe on that, if i do go i will. Need to hear back from doctor. Either way i wont be riding but still would like to go


Leave it to me to break my face and concuss myself the week before shuttles start. 3 weeks later i should be good for next weekend! Hope everyones been enjoying those sweet downhills so far :slight_smile:


Made it up yesterday- awesome time of course. First time riding it on a proper DH bike, so much fun!


Ive saw some of the new work in some weekend clips, looks sweet. Trails were a blast last year before all the new work, i cant wait :smiley: