WTB: 1x Chainguide Seat tube clamp


Looking for a 1x chainguide that clamps to the seat tube.


I will take a look!


Thank you!


On second check it looks like i have a blackspire stinger, its a chain tensioner that goes on via the bottom bracket. Sorry!
It is available though if this would suit your needs, although its not exactly what youre after


Thank you but unfortunately that type won’t work with my press fit BB.


Seatstay? Did you mean chain stay or perhaps seat tube?


What type of crank/bb ? I ran it in my shimano saint press fit


I meant seat tube, not chain stay.


Whatever B.B. came on my Giant Anthem 29er. Crank is Shimano.


Might not look as cool, but you can use an old front derailleur and an inch or so of cable to make a chain guide.