WTB: 26" Kenda K Rads


Anyone have one or two of these kicking around in the shed? Thx.


I have two in 99% mint condition.

What were you thinking for a price?


Thanks—already bought a pair new.


How much do you want for them?


There currently on sale at Jenson for $45.10 plus each. I’d be happy with $40 for the pair.


Lolz, a 10 years ago these were the shit, and now two years ago you can’t give them away! ha ha


Still pretty dope for pump track and dirtjumping. Obviously wouldnt throw em on my downhill but i think they still have their place and purpose tbh


I’ve been pumping mine up to 80psi and commuting on them. Super awesome, go anywhere tires. Drop the PSI in half and hit the pumptrack.


That’s what I had in mind, I just never actually did it.