WTB: Cheap used 26" MTB tire(s)


Hey everyone, I am looking for one or two used MTB tires cheep for my spouses bike. Tires she has word but the front is a super think 1.95 and she is showing interest in riding some more ruff stuff besides crusher dust. Would like something a bit wider to give her some better confidence as she is at a very beginner level. Not looking to spend a lot because if she does start to enjoy riding more then I will start to look at buying some higher end upgrades/bike.

I only really need one as the rear is wider but if you have a pair I might be interested in both. Let me know :slight_smile:


$29/each Brand New


Where are you located? I’m in the valley and I have a bunch of tires in the shed, I can check to see what I have and let you know.
I have a Nokian NBX 2.3, a bit of wear on the center knobs, but otherwise good shape. It is yours if you can come pick it up.


Hey, sorry been on vacation for a few days. I tend to come up to Kentville on Thursdays for the group ride. I could maybe meet after the group ride next time I’m up.


I’m about 30 minutes west of Kentville, not far past Berwick. If it is worth your time to make the trek out that far I’ll PM you the civic number and leave the tire out for you to pick up tonight.


ANyone from the valley heading towards the city this weekend? I dropped the ball last night and didn’t get my info to Chris soon enough for him to pick up.


I’ll be riding at the Gorge tomorrow morning or early afternoon if you can get the tires to there or somewhere near by.