WTB: Reverb Stealth -- Resolved


Anyone have a used (doesn’t even need to be working) Reverb Stealth seat post sitting around that they would be willing to sell? Version (A1, A2, B1), diameter and travel don’t matter much and I don’t need a remote either. I’m just looking to scavenge a part that I managed to damage by being lazy when servicing mine. Unfortunately, the part (poppet valve housing) doesn’t appear to be available on it’s own. Let me know if you’ve got something. Thanks.


I have a Stealth that I botched during my first attempt at servicing. I scratched something and I can’t remember what it was. You can have it and check for yourself if it’s useful. It’s located in the Valley but I can have it in the City later Monday.


That sounds great! I’ll PM you.