Year End Cottage Party - October 13th


Time to let your hair down, jump a bon fire and race some klunkerz!

The year end cottage party is open to all (please RSVP). Here are the details:

I supply the hot dogs/burgers/bon fire, fireworks and of course hours of entertainment!

There are plenty of beds and places to sleep so I strongly encourage if you are drinking or otherwise, please stay the night, be safe.

It’s a pot luck thing, so bring your favourite dish and share.

Pre Bike Ride:
There will be a bike ride beforehand at 3:30pm. Due to the wet weather we will be riding dirt roads and logging roads instead of singletrack. We will meet at the cottage and leave from there at 3:30pm

I will post directions soon, as well as a google map link.

Please RSVP so I can ensure I get enough burgers/dogs etc.

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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Planning to be there and looking forward to it. Cheers!


Ugh! I always miss this!
We are heading to Brookvale that weekend.

Have fun!


Can’t believe this was a year ago!


I was already excited for this, but roaring bonfire pictures make me even more excited!


Mhmmmmmmmmm… Fire…


I added an public poll so we can RSVP, @riderx.


Coming up…lots of wood to burn!



I’m new to the group (and mountain biking), only joined a few days ago. Are new members welcome at the dinner?


Yes, of course!


Always! The more riders the better!


Great! I may try to make it out, but I’m also considering doing the NSSP Cyclocross race. We shall see!


If anyone wants to bring more firewood, it will get used, guaranteed!


I think we need to bring you a kicker for some more serious fire jumping this year!

(and extra fire wood too)


Someone else mentioned a kicker too…


Needing one or bringing one?