Year End Cottage Party - October 13th


Bringing one…might have been Geoff Murray?


I told him not to bring it cuz I would just burn it :smiling_imp:


Maybe @JeffV can bring the one he had at the Fitz Camp n Ride? Though from what I’ve heard of this bonfire, we’re gonna need something a little bigger…


I’m a bit afraid it will be burned… :cold_sweat:


I guess we should do some digging and install a full time fire pit jump. Mike, grab your shovel we have work to do!


I’ll help lift the other side…




This is what I imagine


Twas 5 days before the party
And all through the land
The bikers were restless
For the fun to be had.

A list was made
For supplies to be bought
From food to fireworks
And wood to make the bon fire hot.

Come one, come all
To the bike party of the year
But just remember
Bring your own beer!


We can make sure it won’t get burnt


Mike is starting to build a bit of a wood pile, a few more sticks and we might have a half decent fire for the evening :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I still haven’t brought my scrap wood. No fear, it’s coming and you’ll see the flames from the city.


All things are still a go for Saturday. The forecast is calling for less then 1mm of rain.

The dogs and burgers are bought and in the fridge. Just waiting for tomorrow!


And the ride at Irishman’s…not too wet?


I will make a decision on that later today/this evening. I am looking for an alternative location nearby.

I will update that as necessary. I have a few ideas, just have to confirm the trails etc.


We will NOT be riding at Irishman’s due to the amount of rain we have received.

WE WILL BE RIDING! It will be on dirt/logging roads and we will start at the cottage.

When: Saturday, October 13th, 3:30pm
Where: Meet at the cottage, 57 Spud ave Ellershouse.
We will be riding dirt roads/logging roads.


Built a fire jumping booter… this one can be thrown in the fire afterwards :wink:


Directions from the valley (kentville)

Directions from Halifax


I have a hockey game this afternoon, I will be at the party tonight though


I’ll be late too :frowning: 1900 ish