Year End Cottage Party - October 13th


Won’t make it tonight. Came down with a cold and feeling miserable . :frowning:



For anyone wondering I’m fine but did end up with a fracture in the radial bone close to my elbow. So no sprained wrist. Will be in a sling for about a week then back in for more X-rays to see if they want to go in and put in a pin. Had fun eater way but I’ll be off the bike for 4-6weeks by the sounds of it.


bummer man, heal up quick dude!


Yeah, heal up buddy.

And save your self for some of this next year:


What happened, Chris?!


Tumbleweed lived up to his old nickname. For the best quality video with context and aftermath:

For the low-quality, zoomed in, slowed down, crash-only video:

2018 Pic From Every Ride

Glad you are doing okay. That was a nasty tumble for sure.


Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks so much to everyone who showed up and those who were there in spirit. It was a blast as usual, all the wood was used and jumps were made and ridden. Next year the fireworks will be better, the fuses got a little wet unfortunately.

Otherwise, great party and it was a great year with plenty of cycling left to do! It happens year round!


Thanks Ian. Spectacular crash. Looked like awful terrain to land on. Best wishes to Chris for his recovery.


Sorry I missed it. :frowning:


Thanks! So far so good. Feeling a lot better now and I have my appointment tomorrow for my second X-Ray. Here to hopping they say I don’t need surgery. Getting sick of programming with only one hand haha. :stuck_out_tongue: