04 Norco Sasquatch

I have an o4 Norco Sasquatch for sale or trade, the frame is grey in colour and is size large. It has the original Dirt Jumper 3 with has no leaks but has a small dent in the top of the bottom stanchion, but as I mentioned does not leak, top stanchions are flawless. It also has brand new never riden shimano shifters (same spec as original) new chain and new front chain rings, also has new seat post. The frame is in excellent condition with only a few wear marks. The left crank needs to be replaced as the insert that the pedal turns into is stripped, typical of that era of Husselfelt cranks. I would like to get $350.00 for it or trade for whatever you may have! If you would like photos email me @ paul.veenhuis@gmail.com Thanks!