150-160mm fork

Hi I’ve already tried fixing my current fork and nothings worked(thanks to everyone who tried to help me) soo im looking for a fork 150-160 mm, 27.5, 15x100, tapered head tube and not interested in any sr suntour. If u have anything you’d be willing to sell please comment with a description of it

Chain Reaction has a good sale on a few forks right now. A few higher end forks marked down 66 percent. Seen a few budget manitous for 150 bucks.

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Yea I checked it out and nothing in 150/160 that looks too good. One that looked promising but all the reviews said that the fork started rattling after a little ridding

Pinkbike buy sell is another spot to check. I highly recomed the Pike if you found a used one that would work. And Jensen USA sometimes has some deals.

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Ok thanks but does Jensen USA ship to Canada

Did you try to bring it to a shop? A rebuild bill is still cheaper than a new fork just sayin’.

Otherwise I have a preference for Rock Shox products for reliability and serviceability… Pike, Yari, Revelation or Reba would fit the bill at a variety of price ranges.


Yea I did cyclesmith said they couldn’t do work to it because it’s sr suntour

They do. 3 days at your door ive never had an issue. And ive built bikes from the frame with components from jensen.

I ordered a helmet from Jensen on a Sunday. Paid with my CC. Monday morning they CALLED me to say there was a problem with my CC (just a stupid thing). We cleared it up on the phone. My helmet arrived Tuesday. That is impressive

Oh ok well I’ll look