1x12 drivetrains are here


I just bought my first 1X11 Sram set up on a second hand bike. It has a brand new drivetrain but I’ve been looking into the cost of replacement parts when these wear out. The expense of this Sram stuff is a bit of a disappointment and already has me pricing a replacement for the xd driver and switching back to Shimano. $333.00 to replace my Sram X01 cassette, $100 for a XT M8000 cassette. 1x12 is listed on Pinkbike as $360 USD! Sram is making some hefty comments on the durability of the chain and cassette in this new group, that would be great. Having that extra bit of low end seems great but I was fine with 1x10 and a 32.
Now come up with a tire that will get me over wet roots on a steep climb and you can have my money.

And here I am still riding with an 8 speed drivetrain. (and 26" wheels) GASP!


I hear you. It really boils down to whatever works and is easy to maintain. I’ve been through 4 derailleurs in the past two years so replacement parts are a real consideration. You can’t deny how well some of this new stuff works though. I still own a 98 Brodie Exspresso and would kill myself trying to ride it on Death March these days but it was top of the line back then, all cromoly and 21 speed.

I just “upgraded” to 9 speed this year, it’s getting hard to find higher end 8sp stuff, mostly cassettes that don’t weigh a ton. 2x8 always did me fine.

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I’m holding out for the 1x15. I swap the rim for the largest ring. Should work. :slight_smile:


‘8 is enough’ for sure. I just downgraded my 2x10 road bike to 2x8 and the shifting is sweeter. I think 8 is the magic number for friction shifting as well, which of course is the best way to go.