2 kids bikes for sale 🔥 ***SOLD***

Hey folks, my son is out growing his bikes quicker then I can buy them. Our loss is someones gain!!

I have a 12" Nakamura Adventure bike for sale. It was $115 tax included and I’m looking to get $60
My son actually never rode on it at all, his cousin borrowed it for a mth so it’s basically brand new.

Second up we have a Trek Precaliber 12 bike that was purchased for $425 tax inc at Cyclesmith. I’m looking to get $300 for this as it is also “like new” condition. My son used this for 1mth and outgrew it as well.
It’s a great bike for kids transitioning from a balance bike to pedal bike. My son hopped on this and peddled away first attempt without ever touching training wheels.


Gunna have to give him the YT soon.


Didn’t CycleSmith used to have a kids bike trade-in program? Or am I confusing them with another shop… :thinking:

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I believe they still do have that program but they dont sell the replacement bike I’m looking for (Commencal).

Thx for the heads up tho :+1:

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