2002 Trek 4300 Frame - Gone!

You are reading correctly, free.

This measures as an 18" fram from BB to top of seattube. The frame has no dings/dents. There are two issues that are easily fixed with a little bit of time and resources.

  1. The Derailleur hanger is bent. A new one will run you about 20.00. The frame is straight although there is a little bend just behind the hanger but does not interfere with installing a wheel.

  2. The frame is rim brake only. One of the frame brake adapter is broken, but can be removed a new post can be purchased for a small fee from your local bike shop (unless I can find a spare one in my workshop).

Comes with BB.

FREE. With a little TLC this will make a great little bike. I just don’t have the time, nor the parts to hang off of it.

Save this frame from a life of collecting dust or worse…

Save this frame from a life of collecting dust…

PM me or email mike@pedaltrout.com

its a trek no one wants it :frowning:

still avail? i have a buddy looking to build a bike… he has plenty of parts but lacks a good frame

if you still have it I’d love a project to putter around on.

My apologies if you’re aware of this, but thought I would share in case the lack of a rear disk break is part of your decision. Trek makes a handy little disk brake mount ($20) for some of the older frames, I can’t see enough of the area but this might fit.

I would love to pick this up. Please email me if it is still available: g_nightingale@hotmail.com

Frame is GONE! Sorry folks, I’ve been slow in posting that.