2010 Sportwheels Weekly Mountain Bike Rides

Yes folks, the “official” end of the season is almost here. BUT… get a light and keep on heading out. We ran all last year, and this year will be no different. Maybe we will have a tire studding party. I also want to throw out the idea of a potluck style Christmas party this year for the group maybe following a ride/snowshow session, depending on the weather. If that appeals to you, get some chat on the go here, and I will be around Tuesday nights as well.
Regardless, the night riding has been fun. We will be riding singletrack in the dark soon, provided you have your own light. As long as we are sharing light, we’ll still be hitting up the doubletrack. I have some new spots to ride at night!!!
See you all at the shop Tuesdays! And don’t forget the BBQ party. Food, fireworks, good times. And if you play an instrument, bring it down. We usually jam a wee bit.

Two years ago we started hosting Weekly Mountain Bike Rides. Our goal was to provide a laid back atmosphere for those new or returning to the sport. We also are thrilled to see anyone who just wants to go for a ride regardless of skill level or years of experience.

Last year we started meeting at Sportwheels on Sackville Drive and heading to the local trailhead. Our group sizes have ranged from 4-6 in the middle of winter, to over 20 on a regular basis in the summer.

Our regular haunts include Charles Macdonald park and the trails around First Lake/Second Lake. We have also ridden Spider Lake and Whopper and will be planning some day trips for 2010.

There will also be the year end BBQ at my cottage with fireworks provided by Aaron Perrott!

We welcome riders of all levels and encourage you to show up and meet other riders and ride some trails!

Although we have been riding year round we will be officially starting our Weekly Mountain Bike Rides on May 4th, 2010. Hope to see you there!

Where: Sportwheels - 209 Sackville Drive

When: Every Tuesday evening - 6:45ish

Who: Anyone who owns a bike!

Why: Because you can!

If you have any questions contact Mike at 865-9033 or mike@gorefest.ca

We are riding Tuesday April 27th!

We will meet at the shop about 6:45 - 7:00 and will head to the trail from there. Although I won’t be able to attend Aaron will be leading the crew and then going for some yummy chinese food.

Hope to see you there!!

Ride still happening tonight on account of the rain?

it is still on

Didja get wet? Huh? Didja?

It was very very light mist,more like a humid cold day… evening. Nice turnout, good pace, fun times.

we got a little wet a little muddy but isn’t that part of it :slight_smile:

good ride always good times

The forecast indicates it should be good for riding. We’ll meet at the regular time (6:45) and leave the shop to the trailhead.

Aaron and myself went for a walk on some trails and have some ideas for future trail cleanup. Sounds like a Trail Day is in order!

Don’t forget the Women’s Beginner Mountain Bike Rides starting May 12th!!!

May 11th looks good to go for a ride!

When you show up at the shop at 6:45ish please park in the back parking lot.

We’ll decide where we’re heading tomorrow but rest assured it’ll be good!


I’m headed into the woods with axe, hatchet, saw machete and shovel in pack today to clean up a nice trail we rode yesterday. Nice trail, climbs up on the way in a bit. Hard-packed with a few rocks. Great for novice and veterans alike. Can be silly fun/fast on the way out. It terminates, ( so far… :slight_smile: ), at a look off. Make sure them brakes is good! See you at the back parking lot at 6:45 at Sportwheels.

You know that trail we rode in the winter out RockyLake drive … i think…]

Is that one any good fer summer ridin?

Sounds awesome Aaron!

I’ll see what I can do to get something sorted out for tomorrow so I can join you guys!!

Your bike shit the bed again?

No, not again. It’s just still in critical condition after Saturday. And i just don’t think it’s gonna be able to survive any medium to hard riding. If I tried to, I’d need to ride with a crash cart behind me just in case it experienced another code blue… lol. The new bike’s arrival (sometime this week) can’t come fast enough, let me tell ya! :wink:

It i s Jeff. And it is STELLAR riding. Specially now that it was “pruned up a bit”. :wink: Stacey, what’s up with the bike? Need a mechanic. Like, full time??? Hope you can make it out.

Sounds awesome Aaron!

I’ll see what I can do to get something sorted out for tomorrow so I can join you guys!!

I hope you can make it Stacey. I’m going, Eric can’t, but his room mate Jeremy may come along. I’ll go myself if I have to. At least I feel comfortable going alone since knowing a few folks better.

Stacey, just realized you said the new bike is coming this week. How exciting! You must be busting for it to arrive. I look forward to seeing it some time.

Just a reminder to please park in the back parking lot!!

What a ride last night. I’m not sure of the numbers but I think it was over 20. I like how Aaron said that there was a climb up at the start. When did we stop climbing? The ride out was much better and I enjoyed the downhills. Thanks to Jeremy, Darren and Kyle for watching my back as I wheezed my way along the trail. Have a great day everyone.