2012 Bicycle Nova Scotia XC Mountain Bike Series (Tentative)

Randy… you are just a hub of information… who woulda knew(lol)… glad you do what you do man!

2012 Bicycle Nova Scotia XC Mountain Bike Series (Tentative)

  • May 20 – Victoria’s Secret, Truro, Nova Scotia
  • July 1 – Spokebender Classic (longest running mountain biking event in the Maritimes) Wentworth, Nova Scotia
  • July 15 – Fitz of Fury, Scotsburn, Nova Scotia
  • September 2 – Gorge XC, Kentville, Nova Scotia
  • October 7 – Links XC, Woodville, Nova Scotia

Best 4 of 5 count.

Gack! So can’t wait to go get whooped on my old bike. Good times.

Where can I find a listing of non BNS racing events?

That is hard to find. In typical tradition, if it is not a race, chances are you wont find it on the BNS site and will need to keep looking. Usually folks post their non racing events here.

Yes, check here and the local shop sites/doors/counters.

There are non-racing cycling events? (ha ha)

Along the top of the BNS webpage bicycle.ns.ca you will see

]Clubs & Shops/:m]
]Road Education & Advocacy/:m]
]Mountain Bike Trails/:m]
Clicking on the appropriate link, ie, not the racing one, will bring you to a maze of, bicycle.ns.ca/educ_advcy.html … oh wait there’s all kinds of non-racing events listed. Well I’ll be.

But like most media, BNS can only post the stuff it is submitted.

If you’re looking for club rides and other recreational cycling endevours your best bet is to search out web pages of the various clubs around nova scotia. velo halifax or the ramblers would be a good place to start.

Call or check the websites for the stores around town as well. Most shops have rides of some sort catering to many levels of riders and interests.

I routinely post the Sportwheels Weekly Mountain Bike rides for every Tuesday evening. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I am specifically looking for races. I hope to attend as many of the BNS xc/dh races as I can but I hear of some great races that are not affiliated with BNS and I’d like to plan to attend some of those too. I’ll watch for postings here.

I don’t know of any non-bns affiliated events so if you hear of any let me know.

Maybe you mean non race SERIES events? Gore Endurance race? Conquer the Pass? They are on the BNS web page, as they are still affiliated with BNS.