2013 - A pic from every ride

I thought it would be fun to post one pic from every ride I do. Feel free to join in with your own. This one is from the logging roads behind my place.

This is such a great idea!!

Today around some local neighborhoods in the fog and sun.

Panuke Lake

Looks like some pristine conditions on the lake Troy… no studs needed.

Yeah, I think it could be ridden bareback presently. Could change tomorrow.

From yesterday. This is in Lower Sackville on my way to watch the Kidlette at skating lessons.

I like this thread…I’ll start taking pics too! :smiley:

Hopefully it’ll turn into one of those huge ones that never ends. OR maybe i’ll rename it to FEB-2013 rides and we’ll make it monthly. yeah!

I vote to keep it one huge thread for the year. It’s neat to scroll through and see the seasons change. Next time I go out I’ll have to remember a picture taking device.

Agree with you Bent, one big thread is awesome!

There, I changed it to 2013 instead of Feb. :slight_smile:

Here is one from last night at Spider Lake…

[attachment=0]2013-02-24 22.54.40.jpg[/attachment]

From Jimmy’s Roundtop Saturday February 23rd.

Riders are Jim K, Ian L, Anthony K, and Shawn S. Mike p (me) is behind the camera.

Today on the logging roads behind my house. I did some practice of how to get out of ruts at low speeds. Basically do a very dramatic turn of your front wheel, sometimes a hop of the back. I took more, but this was the most fun. I don’t do bike shots often and I love the zebra.

Great looking steed.

Panuke Lake ride. Fail. Flat’s!

Hit the lake again today with my trail dog, Milo

[attachment=0]IMG_0850 (800x600).jpg[/attachment]

Hemlock Ravine

The lake at my cottage.

Anthony dropping a ledge at Whopper.