2013 - A pic from every ride

did he go over the handlebars when the front wheel hit the snow? I did… that exact thing this weekend :slight_smile:


As I was traipsing about looking for you guys, I seen the track off the drop. I usually take the easy roll to the left. I thought it was mike. I did not realize Anthony was with ya.

I would have joined you for a beer too, but had no way to secure my bike.

Nice timing with the shutter too.

My secret is to take a video and then take a screen snapshot from the video. Makes me look like I know what I’m doing.

Bignose: He held the landing. That dual suspension works for him!

Got out for a road ride today.
Encountered high tide in Brooklyn.

The tide was big today, all the rain really added to it. That ‘river’ in the picture is normally several hay fields.

From Tuesday on group ride

Shubie Park
Rider Jeff V.

From the weekly ride on Tuesday evening.

I need to see a lot of photos on this thread NOW!!

I will have a couple up later tonight.

Whopper March 31st

Fight Trail March 30th

Trail near my house, sandy and dry. Made $0.75 thanks to bud light drinking ATV drivers.
[attachment=0]2013-04-04 15.19.19.jpg[/attachment]

Maiden voyage of Storm Trooper today. Went to Grunter but there is still a lot of snow, so rode it on fire roads instead. Climbs nice and feels great, but can’t wait to try it on some single track.

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This was at the end of a ride, so I guess it still counts.
It was super windy in the Valley today, but the sun was shining so I had to get out.

I love the head badge on that bike Josh. Super sweet! I mean evil!

A photo of my new to bike after a fun 18km spin around Shubie Park

I love this thread!!

Whopper this afternoon, first real ride on the new bike.