2013 Enduro Comp initial ride report

My new Enduro came in today. Killer looking bike, the frame is super neat, lots of nice little details and cool angles.

Did just a few minor quick mods today, tossed granny ring, cut the post down a bit and borrowed the pedals form my DH bike (ordered a second set of the same Specialized Bennie pedals for this bike), pulled out the tubes, converted to tubeless and went for a ride! It’s pretty cool to have a more or less stock free ride err… all mountain bike that weights 29 pounds! This thing weights the same as my old 140mm trail bike but has 165mm of travel, tru axles, a chain guide and is way beefier. Awesome. New technology is great.

Some intial impressions. Very fun bike. Did a bit of The Gorge tonight. Very poppy and lively ride. Manuals are easy. Drops and jumps with ease. Climbs better then my old Salsa xc bike too.

Expected future mods: wider handle bar, swapping the 36T ring for a more trail friendly 34 to get my optimum mix of gearing for up and down. Might sway the stinger style half chain guide for a full on DH guide, but will wait and see if the fancy clutch deruillier and lower guide will keep my chain on full time.

Will post more once I get a few solid days in on it. Proper photos to follow too.

Thanks to Specialized Canada and Valley Stove & Cycle all your help!!

Looks super nice!

Ready to shred!

Thinking hard about going tubeless meselfs.

Looks like a killer set up. Slay some singletrack!!!

Nice ride!

Some better photos!

I saw the bike in at Valley Stove & Cycle on Friday. Killer ride.

I had the pleasure of checking it out on Friday. The bike just looks fast and sexy. The weight is excellent and the bike just looks finished. The welds are smooth and the paint scheme is eye catching.

The parts spec is great as well. For a msrp of $3499 this is an amazing looking bike!