2013 TrailFlow MTB Races

Racing season is almost here! Michelle and I are very excited to be bringing you five races this year including two xc events, one downhill and two enduro races! Full event details are still being worked out and will be posted as we have them ready. Our goal is to host fun, family friendly races on great trails, with smooth operation, good times and bring a festival style felling to the race weekends. Look for BBQ’s, demo rides, vender displays, skills parks and more in addition to the great racing!

Dates are as follows:

May 25/26 Fear of the Gorge DH Race. Festival events & practice on Saturday, race held on Sunday.

June 1/2 Gorge Enduro. Festival events & practice on Saturday, race held on Sunday.

July 6/7 Enduro at The Links. Festival events & practice on Saturday, race held on Sunday.

Aug 31 - Sept 1 Festival events all weekend long including product demos, guided rides, BBQ’s, skills park and more! Saturday we will host an XC Team Relay Race, Sunday will be the points series XC race.

More details and draft course maps are available on our facebook events page - facebook.com/trailflow/events

Event posters and sponsor list will be posted shortly once we finalize a few more of the major supporters.

Hey Ryan, can you tell us more of what you mean by the Enduro races?

I sure can!

The Enduro races will be mainly downhill races with some flatter sections and short climbs. Long runs and fun times! Each race will utilize two courses, riders will do one trail then have a set time to ride or hike back up to the top of the hill and then will do their run down the second trail. The lowest combined time wins. The uphill is not timed but if you are late for your second lap you will had to add the extra time on your to your second run.

We will be using courses that will work great for your average 130-160mm travel bike and will not require full face helmets.

I’m really stoked on these events and think it’s going to be a ton of fun. It’s a race for non racers!

Great to see Trailflow making this happen. I plan to be there in some capacity!

Sounds like fun!

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I’ve had a look at their rules and for the most part we will be trying to follow allot of how they suggest doing things. Other then some items such as their 4 stage minimum for events as right not that is just not feasible. We will be looking at what the UCI and BNS has to say on the topic too.

Looking forward to the Enduros!
Sucks I have a conflict on the DH weekend, was planning to do that too, any more DH events later in the summer?

We may look at doing another DH race later in the year and perhaps some downhill / free ride skills clinics if there is some demand for it.

Keppoch will have some DH Races this season also, I believe their dates are June 22/23 and August 17/18.