2017 Challenge

Another year in the books and 2017 is upon us.

What are your goals?

I was able to get 2000+. I’m aiming for 2500…hopefully 3000, but hey, we’ll see what happens.

@jeffv: Goal 1500
@bikegeek: goal 10000km
@Nige: Goal 1500KM all MTB


  • Ride new (to me) trails
  • Participate in a trail building/maintenance activity
  • Practice skills to become a better rider

Most of all, enjoy life!

Yesterday I bought a trainer. My 2017 goal is to wear the thing out by Spring.

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  • Ride as much as I can and have fun
  • Still have a few trails in the maritimes that I want to check off the list

Whatever I end up with for kms at the end of the year is what I get, don’t care what it is.


I’m with @Jetter as far as goals, ride as much as possible, get to some trails I haven’t been to in a while.
Keppoch, Fitz, Woodville, Grey Mtn top the list but there is some great riding in PEI and New Brunswick that I’d like to get to this year as well.

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More of the same, I think. I managed just shy of 5,200 kms in 2016 which was lower than my original goal but nothing to sneeze at.

I’d like to do more long road rides, and get comfortable riding in groups plus lots of mountain biking too, including my first ever real riding trip (other than Sugarloaf) to Moab.

Happy new year folks.

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Amming for at lease 1500 but high goal of 2000

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I made the post a wiki edit, feel free to add you goal below mine.

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Last year I was able to meet my original goal of 8000km, but missed my updated goal of 10000km. So this year my distance goal will be 10000km.

Other goals will be:

  • enter and complete my first bikepacking race
  • complete a backcountry/off-road loop I’ve been planning for a couple years
  • finally ride “comfortably numb” up in whistler
  • ride the south chilcotin
  • possibly enter and complete my second bikepacking race
  • keep it fun

Happy new year!


I like that were thinking beyond just km this year… especially as I’m terrible at keeping track.


  • keep working in my skills , especially spending more time on the trials bike.
  • have tons of fun
  • ride new places and with lots of awesome people
  • build cool stuff

2017 Goals:

  • Ride trails I have never ridden before
  • Focus on DJ and uni skills
  • Have fun!

I’m going for saddle time this year. Last year I was 288 hours. With more focus on MTB and less on road this year, I know the kms are going to drop.

Target is 350 hours.


I like all the qualitative goals. Here are mine:

  • Continue to ride in new places. (The Links and Grey Mountain are two that come to mind that I’d like to get to this year.)
  • Participate in a trail building/maintenance activity.
  • Try to get my wife and kids out for a few more rides than last year.
  • Set a new personal record for my longest ride.

I’m an engineer and I like numbers though… I rode 2170 km last year with a goal of 2000 km. My goal this year is 2200 km. So far so good as I’m already ahead of where I was at the end of February last year.


Gonna ride my bike and enjoy it.


I’m having a great year! I’m enjoying riding and meeting new folks and riding lots of different trails.

I’m also very pleased with myself in terms of the shape I’m in. I’ve lost 20ish pounds since December and I’m feeling great on a bike. The numbers are backing it up too! Truly the numbers don’t mean much, but the personal improvement in regards to recovery times, etc. are significant.

Currently, I’ve matched pretty much my elevation for last year, exceeding it if you include some hikes. I’m over 1700 km for the year so far. I’m really happy with my improvements overall and the fact I’m enjoying riding more than previous years.


I am hoping for 16,000km, 200,000m, and 730h. On track so far.

  • Get faster
  • Ride some new spots
  • Make it out to a few group rides
  • Learn some dirt jump skillz
  • Get my son out for more rides

If I can do any or all of those things I’ll be happy!


Pretty much on track for riding my bike and enjoying it. My mileage took a nosedive due to new job but I’m getting out and enjoying rides just the same.

Pretty stoked. Loving the bike(s) and all the rides I’ve done. I’ve ridden some great trails and met some fantastic people.

I’m also happy to see that I’ve surpassed last year on all fronts. Distance, hours, # of rides and elevation. I should easily reach any goals I’ve set and then some.

The best thing is that I’m really loving it!


2017 has been pretty good so far. Probably will fall short of all of my goals, but I’m still having fun.

  • Did the first leg of my first bikepacking race. Tapped out after the first day, not due to any mechanical or physical issue, but to time constraints and poor planning. Still knocked out my biggest day on a bike ever, hung with the leaders until I diverted to the pub in Penticton, saw some of southern BC’s finest scenery, and rode into BC’s wine country right on time. Not bad.

  • Rode the Whistler GranFondo in the freezing rain. Did it on my steel CX bike with fat tires, wearing baggy MTB kit, and completed it in a respectable 5 hours. Feels good dropping Rapha wearing carbon bikes on the climbs looking like the sketchiest Fred out there.

  • Finally, after searching for 15 years, was able to find a matching green front Chris King DiscGoTech hub mate to my long loved rear hub. Best part: found it brand new, never used, with the correct disc adapter in an “old school memorabilia” display case at the Cove bike shop. Got a good deal on it, too. They only sold it to me because I had the matching rear. Awesome random find. Celebrations included having a pint at a nearby brewery, and building a new wheelset.

As for numbers, I’m gonna fall short of my projection, but I’m faster and stronger and having more fun.