2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


Planning on riding Nine Mile this afternoon. If anyone has a trail report from this morning, from any trail, but Nine Mile especially, please post.


Rode at Fight this morning. All granite/hero dirt with some really icy spots. I would highly recommend studs, although we still had fun without them.


I still have no studs, they don’t arrive until Monday. Anywhere have snow? Truro, valley, anywhere???


Vic park looks pretty snowy (and groomed) from pics I saw on IG.


INine Mile was snow over ice. Packed and grippy in some places, just a dusting of snow on ice and slick in others. Good studded tire riding. Also followed Old Comeau Rd. doubletrack from top of the big hill to the trail crossing. Puddles all frozen and good riding. In between the puddles snow a little deeper and not packed - bit harder on non-fat (skim?) tires, but I have a trail blazed so next rider will have an easier time. Didn’t do upper part of doubletrack to the pond. The parking lot is quite icy. You may need to take a run at it to get in and park on the side.

ECMTB Weekly Ride - 15 Jan 2019

Norawarren/west pine was quite a bit more bare than I anticipated, however still lots of ice patches-studs highly recommended. Saw some people skating on the ice too!


Beautiful morning at NoraWarren/West Pine. Deluxe conditions- no snow, just frozen dirt and ice sections.

Get out today if you can!


Victoria park in Truro is very good right now with a couple of inches of powder snow and defined single track base trail from the upper parking lot. Just follow the tracks and you’ll have a great ride


HRM lakes are frozen and fast… get yer studs on!

Looks like it’s only going to get thicker this week but it’s always good to check before you go out:


Victoria Park riding is mint. Looks like a ride coming together for Sunday 10am. Last week we had 16 riders. Will post a comfirmed start time and location on Saturday.


Anyone ridden at Gore/Empire lately?


A buddy of mine rode it Sunday. Conditions are likely the same now. This was his Trail Report:
Gore is amazing.
Rode loops on the front section.
Hill Top
Slick Rock
Bunny Run
Original Six
Double D

Likely rode with studs.


Fight was awesome yesterday, there wasn’t too much ice and what ice there was was kind of pebbly so it was quite grippy even with my crappy studded tires.
A few hills on the flat lake loop were covered top to bottom slick wet ice from little springs or something so be careful.


Nine Mile River is excellent today! Studs a necessity- there are enough icy sections that no studs would probably suck. Overall a mix of packed snow, snow over rough ice and bare ice sections. Very smooth overall, highly recommend riding it today.

Scouted the lake end of Hemlock Cathedral a half I’m or so but the snow was just a little too sinky with 2.35 width tires. Probably good on a plus or fatbike.


Sunday’s ride at Victoria Park is cancelled due to incoming storm.


McDonald Sports Park had sections that were easily passable without studs, but you’ll want studs to be able to get to those sections. Watch out on the double-track hills, lots of ice.


Icy sections at 9 mile river are now snow-covered and pretty slippery even with studs on my skinny 2.35 tires. Other sections very rideable but I’m sure that’s going to be over with in a few hours once the rain hits.


Just rode Whopper. Trails are a mix of frozen ground and ice patches. Fire road and power line are mostly ice with a couple of spots of open water. Studs recommended.


Thanks, Nigel!


Road MacIntosh Run on Saturday, Jan 19 and was very good, some icy spots where streams cross the paths but 85% clear riding without studs. It was a great day to ride