2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


Icy sections at 9 mile river are now snow-covered and pretty slippery even with studs on my skinny 2.35 tires. Other sections very rideable but I’m sure that’s going to be over with in a few hours once the rain hits.


Just rode Whopper. Trails are a mix of frozen ground and ice patches. Fire road and power line are mostly ice with a couple of spots of open water. Studs recommended.


Thanks, Nigel!


Road MacIntosh Run on Saturday, Jan 19 and was very good, some icy spots where streams cross the paths but 85% clear riding without studs. It was a great day to ride


Trail report from the Nine Mile River FB page courtesy of @Joanna:
Trail update… Like many places in Nova Scotia right now, the trail and parking lot (had to park on the bottom right) are basically a sheet of ice. I don’t recommend hiking the trail unless you have very good ice grippers/micro spikes. The Pitcher Plant Loop and as far as the river are clear of any downed trees.


This month has been one big ad for studs.

I’m sure we will get a whollop of snow some time though…


Norawarren/West pine is mostly rough hero dirt. Less than 20ft of ice.


Zero snow or ice at Bowater. Nothing but hero dirt.


Where do I find the Bowater trail? Is there another name?


There’s a map link to where we park, in this post:

From there the trailhead can be a bit tricky to find. Best to go with someone who’s been there.


If someone wants to too hook me up with the trail builder first I’ll add it to Trailforks, but not until then.


I’ve only ridden in there a few times, but I’ve met up with the trail builder on every ride. He seems to be in there a lot.




Fight was amazing today. A few patches of ice here & there but mostly hero dirt and bare granite. No studs required!


Nine Mile early yesterday morning was a mix of hero dirt and slick ice sections. Studs recommended.


Norawarren is snow and ice covered. Nora & Warren loops are a mix of boot bombed ice, and a couple centimetres loose snow. West pine is loose snow with a few ice patches. I was the first bike through, a few more bikes on it and it will be packed nicely. Studs recommended, probably rideable without.


Anyone know if there are snow textured but low ice places to ride with a kid that has no studs?

I was thinking Shubie but wondering if it is too icy.


9 Mile River is in great shape. Mostly packed snow with some ice, with most of it being rough and grippy. Most of it could probably be ridden without studs if you’re cautious, but I’d suggest studs for max enjoyment.


We rode Whopper to Evil Birch via Susie Lake today (sofaking tired now). Both are now in excellent shape after we packed it down. Studs very helpful, fatty not required, but the climb into Evil is harder on a regular trail bike.


Did you ride Green Mile to get to Evil Birch?
Just curious cause I’d like to try getting to Evil Birch via Whopper, but the last time I rode the green mile (years ago now) the trail just kind of faded out after a while and I turned around.